In Castelo do Neiva you have the beach, the fishing port, the mouth of the river and the Caminhos de Santiago.


It is 10 minutes from the century-old city of Viana do Castelo and just over 30 minutes from the city of Porto (UNESCO World Heritage) and the international airport. The fantastic beaches, the Gerês National Park, the secular cities and the rich cultural surroundings of a Minho where Portugal was born are at your fingertips, on a weekend getaway or for a well-deserved vacation.

Get directions

How to get there Follow our directions

1. Leave the A28 highway at exit 20 (Antas/Castelo do Neiva) towards national EN13.

2. Turn right on the crossroads and drive down to the Neiva River bridge.

3. Turn left to Castelo do Neiva and drive up in a road surrounded by trees.

4. When you see the ocean on the left turn left in a small roundabout.

5. The wall of the estate is about 200 m down the road on the right and the large gate cannot be missed.

The entrance gate is right next.