Next to the old wine press let yourself be drawn by the colour and the gentle scent of the fruit trees side by side with the deep green of the holly and the camellias. Even in winter the orchard is splashed with colour from the orange and lemon trees and the Sharon fruit trees.

You can enjoy unforgettable moments of leisure in an early morning splash in the pool right before the tempting breakfast in the Casa do Lagar. In the quiet of the late afternoon, share the pool water mirror with the swallows or enjoy the unique setting of a tennis court with abundant natural light smoothing the dark green vegetation.

The 16th century watering tank and fountain mark the landscape. In this unique and amazing place, slip down in the chair and let yourself be caught by the whispering murmur, the sound of the water pouring out of the gargoyle.

Far from the daily stress, surrounded by greenness and peace, rejuvenate body and mind in our Gym, in perfect harmony with nature.

Indoors, cheat the time playing billiards, a game of chess or even cards on a table of green cloth. In the quietness of the library there will always be a book not yet read. In the living rooms or veranda you will always find a newspaper to leaf through or the intimacy to peek the mail or traveling through the Internet...