The family history

The Manor breathes history. The carefully preserved and cherished furniture, the sepia photos and the family portraits are pieces of life of many ancestors. Engravings, pistols and swords, the important charter letter from King D. José to Castelo do Neiva granting ownership and rights, bring back memories from the adventurous times of the Portuguese maritime discoveries.

The founding stone of the Manor bears an inscription that reads 1491. The familys' records date back to the 16th century when D. Ana Lobo de Mesquita of the house of Alvito got married in Minho to Manuel Domingos Barbosa. In 1820 Luigi Vital Monteverde great grandson of the composer Claudio Monteverde married D.Teresa de Jesus, the heiress (Morgada) of the Casa das Torres da Senhora das Neves de Sendim, Castelo do Neiva.

Five generations later, the rehabilitation of the Manor and all buildings and spaces was carried out and in June of the year 2000, the family receives at Quinta do Monteverde their first guests.